Maximize Lease Values
& Mitigate Risk!

Are you a member of Government Staff tasked with managing cell tower lease agreements? If so, you may not realize that those lease agreements can be professionally managed or sold.

SteepSteel is here to provide simplified and complete solutions to Government Agencies desiring to manage or sell cell tower leases.

Contract Request

Competitive contract solicitation requested for a product or service on behalf of NCPA and all public agencies.

Vendors Respond

Vendors respond to the contract solicitation with sealed responses that are recorded and publicly opened.

Contract Awarded

The Lead Agency evaluates the responses based on specific criteria and awards contract.

SteepSteel and The NCPA

The partnership between SteepSteel and the NCPA will act to transform wireless agreement and infrastructure consulting, management, valuation, development, monetization, and negotiations.

Access To Contract With Over 90,000 Firms And Agencies

As a result of becoming an approved vendor for NCPA, SteepSteel is now able to contract directly with over 90,000 firms and government agencies. This includes 20,000 NCPA members, thereby eliminating the need for individual RFPs, RFBs, and RFQs.